Friday, November 14, 2008


I had a horrible night last night. Probably deserved it. Goddamn. First I blow a buyin at S8 against the worst players known to man. I then get most of my stack in against some fucking tard who can not let AQ go and turns an Ace which for all they know could have been totally dominated to all hell in the Blowdonkey. Finally I get frustrated and kill myself in the 90-peep I was in.

I used to laugh at Chad (Blog deleted again) and others when they were all pissed off about all the lame ass cold calling that goes on. Jesus Christ though I totally get it now. I do not know if this means I am becoming a better player or just more old and bitter. It could be either one.

At least I outlasted that cutie Evy. I hear she got her little button hole rammed hard a few times. Welcome to the blogger world baby!

I am not sure if I will be playing tonight. I may just get my ad money and payback from a loan to a certain blogger and let my account enjoy being over 2k for the five seconds it lasts.

On a good note I am going to be the bounty next week in the Blowdoggy. Nothing written up about it yet but if Buddy says it then it must be true. My friends at Bodog said I should fan the flames and get people gunning for me (Fisheater) but lets get real. Everyone guns for me anyways. I mean why not go after the best. Ahhh yaaaa baby.

As for Vegas this Winter it is iffy. Falstaff has details on an RSVP poker tourney for those who are interested. The sweet wifey has been laid off. So I probably need to win some big event to be able to go. I really want to be there. Especially after hearing that Carmen is breaking her bra's!!! Go girls!!! BE FREE!!!


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