Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing Going On Here

Nothing really happening. The WoW Expansion comes out on Thursday. My Rogue is level 69 so the push to get him to seventy is happening. I have to say I am sorta enjoying PvP with this character. Much more so than I ever did with my Mage. I will probably roll a Death Knight as the buzz about the awesomeness of the starting zone is pretty good.

On the poker front I am taking a small break. I will play the Bodoggy and the Mookie this week and then decide if I want to play more. Wait! I saw that snigger in the back. Was that you Smokkee! You all think I went busto don't you? Nah. Did not happen. Actually I had a great weekend. Took over four hundred off the Stud-8 tables. Thank you PirateLawyer and Emptyman. Playing decently. Have not seen a great spike in the Bankroll this month. Mostly break even which is cool. I just have been feeling like it is a grind lately. I do not want to play when I feel that way. I want to feel like it is fun and I am fucking people up because it is fun to make them cry.

I read F-Trains "Can you name ten blacks" post and have been listening to the coverage. People talking about how historic it is that we have elected a blacktan president. How our generation has moved forward so far in such a short amount of time. I think this is true. The older people who were brought up racist are dying out and "modern" people who grew up in somewhat integrated environments look past the color of peoples skin or who they want to fuck and judge people more for the scumbags they are. I really think that the measure of when we have "made it" is not when an Obama victory is so historic but when it is meaningless. When we do not say "This black won this" or "that woman won that" but just see everyone as people.

Do I think this will ever happen. I am not sure. We as humans by nature live to hate. It is part of our nature. We are bred to survive and propagate our genetics and destroy our competition. If it is not hating blacks, donkeys, jews, or hispanics, or the great red Chinese threat, the Indian scumbags taking our jobs overseas, camel fucking Arabs, we will find something else to hate. While I do beleive we have a great propensity to overcome our nature and do some pretty kind and loving things I am not sure how much hope I have in one world working together against hatred and poverty and the destruction of our home planet. Only time will tell.


Blogger BamBam said...


I know that you know what that's for.

When did I ever say I was a good NLHE player? Next time just google biggest donkey. I should be right at the top of the front page.

Just trying to save you time, getting to my "rag."



braoff ?

11:10 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

I wish my results weren't diametrically opposite ... I need to go back to Stud08 and boycott L08 for a while.

The check is in the mail, right?


12:36 PM


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