Thursday, November 06, 2008


First off if you want to cringe check out the top ten castration movies. Complete with NSFW movie at the end.

I had a meh night. Not even sure how much I am up or down. It was a bit disappointing. I had a HUGE lead in a 75$ 45-MAN SNG. SuperStoner was in this one. He never got any traction and bailed out around 20th. Not sure the hand as we never sat together. So anyway I end up with a first place stack with two tables left. I then take a hit to the gnads with AA < KK. I have a decent stack and lose half of it KK < KJ. Sucks to be me. The rest of the hands were minor lost races including AQ < 22 and A5 < KQ. Standard push as LJ says. :P. Anyway it was nice to have a good stack going into the final table. It sort of sucked to see that get donkeyfucked away by idiots. I COULD have folded the A5 hand but with the blinds at 500 and both our stacks at 6K I was willing to race there. In the past I probably fold and pray I hit the money. I think both styles are acceptable but the more aggressive play will get you the top spot more often which in this case is 10x the sixth spot. No guarantees on either outcome but I will continue to play aggressively.

In the Mookie I just had a stubborn moment when I knew my opponent had Aces and I just refused to stop. I went out in the top three. Yuck. Oh well. You can not always play your best. I am not going to beat myself up too badly here. I know I did the wrong thing. I know that I had the right read. So next time.

On the good side the SNG only cost me 15$ as I have been playing the 75$ tokens every night. I think this is actually a decent use of a token. I always seem to do well in the 45's and a score would be big for me. I will keep you updated.


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