Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiffany You Can Cry on My Shoulder II

I finished reading the thread and stop at page two. It really does not get any better. Fucking 2+2 douche bags keep repeating themselves and clapping their hands together in glee at how clever they are. To misquote a movie "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and douchebaggery".

I got a good laugh at the people quoting the poker odds.

Snead still has no reason, call or fold, to be in the tank for more than about 8 seconds with the J7 hand. He's getting 5.5-1 to call a bet of 1.76m after he's stuck in 3m+ with two streets to come, in a raised pot preflop.

Like he fucking knows how to play poker. Screw that. Half the people who made that deep are idiots. Just look how far the Blogfather got. Jesus. Anyway as pointed out later it is irrelevant as Tiffany could not possibly know what he had. However six more pages of math on the call did follow. You guys give nerds a bad name. Fucktards. I assume this will be my last post on the thread unless Tiffany calls me up for a private interview in which case there will be one more post. In the immortal words of the lady I'll peace outta this post boys.


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