Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiffany You Can Cry on My Shoulder

Yeah. This is all well and good after the fact, but you were extremely disrespectful and unbelievably rude while we were playing in just about every situation you could be. I feel like those 7 edited episodes accurately depicted your behavior during the tournament, and you can say it was "your table face" or whatever, but your calling the clock during the Paul Snead and Scott Montgomery hand in what is probably the most stressful situation the man has ever been just boggles my mind. Also this is coming from somebody who is judging you entirely on his personal experience with you, not from the any media-skewed perspective.
-- Craigmarq

Someone is not getting any.. wow, that was the funniest part of the Tiffany thread ever. Seriously though what kind of genius thinking does posting ANYTHING on 2+2 take? I mean those guys just want to fuck with everyone. They are nasty cocksuckers and why you would want to open yourself for abuse like that is beyond me. Funny though. Keep it up.

I personally have no opinion on the TM issue. People I know says she really is a nice person. I got a little woody when she swirled her fingers around too.. I mean I could imagine that finger swirling around some other place. A guy has to have some dreams right? That comment by Craig was funny as hell though. Best part of the entire thread.

Fuck now I will have to watch some WSOP coverage. I have been avoiding it up until now.


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