Friday, December 12, 2008

Fade the Waffles

Only because I love you guys. Here are my picks for this Sunday. Fade at will. Not sure I am reading these lines right but I think maybe I am..

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (ATL by 1.5)
Atlanta all the way bayybeee. Falcons can fly and shit. Right? I think Atlanta has more to play for and will score or something. Um. Yeah. That's it. Tampa might have the better record but what does that mean right? erm.

Washington at Cincinatti (CIN by 9)
Washington has been totally inconsistent buy Cincinatti has been consistently horrible. Sorry Iggy! So I will take Washington to cover. Don is cheering madly now because he likes the dogs.

Seattle at St. Louis (Even)
Two suck teams with nothing to play for. This should be a fun game. I will give the nod to Seattle.

San Fransisco at Miami (MIA by 2)
I like Miami at home here. Again two horrible teams. I think Miami got caught up by some injury. They suck anyways. Since they are at home though I will give them the edge.

Buffalo at Jets (Jets by 5)
Jet's are favored here and Buffalo is all kinds of fucked up but I think they will pull of a surprise win for pride sake. Brett will be the good ole Farve we all know and love and throw ten picks and Buffalo will crush the hapless Jets.

Detroit at Indy (Indy by 11)
Hahaha! Are you serious? I should pick the Lions just to test my cooler powers. However I have to go with Indy here. I think the Lions get crushed despite the high line.

San Diego at Kansas City (San Diego by 3)
Wow. This shows how far the Chargers have fallen. I mean only favored by three against a shit team. Wow you guys sucks this year. I will take the Chargers here just because it is win-win either way.

Green Bay at Jacksonville (GB by 1)
This one is actually complicated. I keep seeing Samba panties and do not want to ruin my chances when the Wife is 79 and the good Doc has gone to heaven to get some of that old lady pootang. I will pick Green Bay because I love the panties!

Tennessee at Houston (Tenn by 2)
Who set this line? Fuck I know the titans have absolutely nothing to play for but by two? Nah. Fuck no. They will kill Houston.

Minnesota at Arizona (ARI by 2)
Drizz hanging out getting served by the Wife. Wow. How can he lose. I pick thee Minnesota! Go get them SKOOOOALLL!!!!!

Denver at Carolina (Car by 5)
I will take the Home team here and predict the Carolina win.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (Bal by 1)
Pittsburgh all the way. Baltimore will not be able to score and the Steelers will scoop one out.

New England at Oakland (NE by 4)
Sucky shithead Oakland is doomed. They will die. See you losers next year.

New York Giants at Dallas (Giants by 2)
I am going Giants all the way. Dallas sucks and is overrated. They will get crushed the morons.

Alright so enjoy fading the Waffles baby. Have fun everyone. Wish I could be there but it just could not happen this year. I have a ton of shit going on like Wife Laid Off, Car Broke Down, and we have a release next Monday which might be incompatible with the Red Eye. Peace out and have a few for me.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

You suck! It won't be the same without you, but somehow I think we'll manage :)

3:55 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I did a Jared Allen sack dance just for you sir.


1:15 PM


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