Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think either I hurt my toe or my gout is acting up. Either way I totally blame Carmen. However I can not stay made at this lovely wonderful woman for very long. So I forgive you baby. Talk to you later.

Huh? Why do I blame Carmen? Oh. She was all like "Hey why don't you go and have some fun with the kids this weekend".. So I am all like "Sure why not". So we decided to go bowling. While I dominated the children and humiliated the wife with my mad bowling skillz.. whole 94 points bayybeeee.. (small balls for you southerners, and before you make comments on how big your balls are I am not impressed you Elephantitis fuckers).. I sprained my bowling hand to the point where I dropped several balls, cut my finger, and my toe started acting up. Jeebus.

Funniest part of the night. We are in Friendlies and my daughter sees this guy with a jew fro and she like like "MOMMY MOMMY! IT IS KEVIN JONAS!!!".


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