Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Instant Drama Queen

In late breaking news IT needs surgery. In his usual drama queen fashion he has not written any details. I have done some investigative reporting and figured out he is going to change his Mangina into a VeeJayJay. He is finally going to take the leap so he and his girlfriend can be a true lesbian couple. Congratz to you bro!

In other breaking news if he dies I do not have to pay up on any of my best to him! BWAHAHAHAHA! I suppose we should all wish him good luck in his new life.. best health, and all of that.. but accidents do happen..... and a hundred is worth way more than his friendship let me tell ya.

Peace out IT. Hope all goes well.


Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

I'm having 20 small growth removed from my body and two the size of twinkees.

Thanks for your concern, I will be here to taunt you for a long time.

Until everything is done I choose not to talk about it much.


BTW, Im not the ManGINA who has WELCHED , WELCHED I TELL YOU on a bet.

That would be you.

10:41 AM


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