Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cooler Picks

Baltimore vs Tennessee
I really liked what I saw Baltimore do last week. The defense is really rolling. Possibly Tennessee has had nothing to do for too long and will falter. I know Baltimore was against a weak Miami baby team but I like them in this game. Besides my Hottie would kill me if I picked against her.

Arizona vs Carolina
I like Carolina here. Arizona looked good in the battle of the teams as shitty as San Diego but they do not have what it takes to go anywhere. I think that Carolina steps up and shuts them down this week.

Philadelphia vs Giants
This is a really great game from a fan perspective. I mean these teams fans really hate each other. Nice to see some good old school rivals go at it. I think this could go either way but I am picking Philly to pull it out in the end.

San Diego vs Pittsburgh
Cya San Diego. It was a great and valiant effort. Your awesome 8-8 record will not be forgotten. The Steelers will shut you down hard. Just ask BuddyDonk he will tell ya. Deluded Smokkee will be heart broken after this weekend.

So go ahead and fade the cooler. I am going 4-0 this week baby.


Blogger $mokkee said...

thanks for not picking SD.

no joke

1:29 AM


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