Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poker Post

Just a quickie. I figured I should write about poker on occasion. So today's installment is a question to people:Do you really want better structures to your games that cause them to favor more skilled players? This is an interesting question. At first take everyone probably says "Of course I want better structures that help skilled players". Probably it depends on which game your talking about. For instance lets take SNG play. If you have two sites. One is Bodog which has longer rounds and smaller blinds which makes for a better structure. The other is Full Tilt which has quicker games. Which would you rather play if you were a grinder? I think you would give up some skill in order to make a better hourly figure. So Full Tilt would be preferable even to highly skilled players. Am I wrong about that?

MTT play is more of a tossup. All of these types of games take a long time. So having them take a little longer while giving you a skill edge may be a good thing. The games stay tight longer in theory and the bubbles take longer to break but honestly your looking for that first place win anyways. That is all that matters. So I think here you would want a more skilled game.

None of this applies to cash games. I guess a table with less rake might be good or more fishy players. Who the hell knows. Obviously the less skilled your opponents the better.


Blogger Neilc999 said...

I think the one thing that could make cash games better is to increase the min buy in to prevent short stackers. I dont mind playing with people that buy in for 50BBs but buying in for 20 is pointless. And if i get in a profitable situation with one his 20 fuckind BBs arnt gonna be worth me sitting down.

rant over

9:33 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

That is why most people ignore the short stack. I am not sure that is profitable in the long run or not.. but I see a lot of people give them no action unless they have AA/KK and then they just jam on them. It is the people who make weak calls vs a short stack with a7o because they are short and have jammed a few hands already that make short stacking profitable.

10:17 AM

Blogger Neilc999 said...

One good thing that can be good with a short stacker is to make a note on them that they are a short stacker. This may seem silly becoz you can obv see there a shorty, but when they start playing full stack if they can ever afford it, you will know straight off that their only 1st level thinkers due to them only ever knowing how to play the cards there delt which will auto help your decisions against them at the table in future.

Does that make any sense?????

5:41 PM


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