Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mookie Draws

I started off pretty good when TripJax could not fold Queens pre-flop. He called so fast I thought he must have Aces but then I was like "Dude, it is TripJax". So my limp and re-jam to his raise worked out pretty good. Another player in the hand folded Jacks which WOULD have won by suckout. Good thing we did not see a flop as I doubt those jacks fold on a 223 flop.

I then proceeded to lose it all on two consecutive hands against someone who never saw a fold button in his life. First hand I loosely call a raise with KT s00ted. Lousy hand but whatever. The flop gave me an OESD and overcard. The early player jams all in with second pair and I turn a flush draw to give me some ridiculous amount of outs somewhere between seventeen and a gadzillion and I miss everything. The next hand I call another small raise with a speculative hand of 96 diamonds and flop middle pair with a flush draw. Good enough to get it all in. So I check raise my opponent for most of his chips and miss all fifteen to a gazzilion outs twice over. I guess it was not my night to gamble. I was alright getting my money in on both hands though. Obviously when you play someone who can not fold top pair or second pair it is better to have a strong made hand but that is Donkeyment play for you.

I am going to shoot my welfare check into a $55 SNG and either get a workable roll or go broke fast. Peace out.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Very interesting. Sort of like reading the prison scribblings of a mass murderer.

8:35 AM

Blogger Schaubs said...

Sooted connectors suck.

Why even bother... glad you did though.


11:01 AM

Blogger PokerLady said...

Funny but nice try! I bet you grab all those chips and make a cut..
Be more good next time.

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4:26 AM


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