Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Uniball or Not

I appreciate all the comments but you really should congratulate me. Either that or offer me a conciliatory blow job (No not you Sucko! Only women!). I mean being miserable in an unhappy marriage where both people know it is over but can not pull the trigger is no fun. Sleeping on the couch causes neck cricks too. So really this will be a happy time while sort of weird. Also nothing big is going to happen for a little while. Like I said we want to plan this out and do it right. I think like at least three to six months before I even move out and tell the kids and all of those things. Possibly shorter but who knows.

So I figure I will start a series on the plans after the divorce. Might as well look forward to something right. Now the first question will be: To Uniball or not to Uniball. What does this mean. Well the first statement out of a certain bloggers mouth (not Don) was "So now you can buy a hooker and get laid!".. Since MiamiDon gets a bad rap from his escort service ways we can call this Uniballing. Other uses of the word can also be made such as Ballah poker play and stuff like that. However for the purposes of this post we are talking about whoring it up.

I have often contemplated if I would take an option like this. On the one hand there is a nasty side of me that would love this. I would so enjoy making some chick bark like a dog or do whatever else the fuck I told her to do. I mean that is such a power trip. Who would not like that?

On the other hand I tend to try and be a good guy in general and think most of these chicks are really broken. Either bad childhoods with abuse or huge drug problems. Am I wrong about that? No idea. I think I am right though. So it seems to me I would be further abusing and taking advantage of these people. I guess some people might be normal, well rounded, business ladies but the majority have to have something wrong with them right? My girl CJ seems normal (She is an awesome read if you do not have Happy Endingz on your Bloglines put it there). Of course if they are fucked up anyways why not right? Someone is gonna do it? Why not me? The slippery slope between morality and getting your rocks off. Am I just old fashion? Such challenging questions.

The biggest issue though besides all the good Waffles vs Bad Waffles is: What if she rejects me?


Blogger DrChako said...

Rejected by a hooker?! Not likely, I would think. Even for you.

I'm hoping we end up reading about you on CJ's FOTW posts.


12:33 PM

Blogger guest said...

Reminds of me that classic Bob Costas line, circa 1975: "Well folks, looks like the Spirits [of St. Louis, of the ABA] are about to perform another blow job."

4:15 PM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

Actually I think if anyone can get rejected by a hooker it would be you

6:53 AM

Blogger 4dbirds said...

Sorry about the marriage. Sometimes things don't work out even when no one is at fault or a bad guy/gal. Human sexuality is a strong driving force and men are biologically driven to spread their 'seed' around. To want to whoop it up and get wild is perfectly normal. That you think and care about maybe exploiting another person is very sweet. I think you're right that most hookers are damaged. They still have to eat and pay rent. If the girl knows what to expect, agrees and you pay her for that service I don't think you are exploiting her. What I really hope is you find a steady girlfriend you can love with a wild kinky side to her.

7:45 AM


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