Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Off in Meh Land

I have been off doing meh. Not too much going on. I have been playing a bit of WoW. Seeing what I can solo. I just finished going through all the bosses in Zul'Gurub except the bat and the end boss. In old school Warcraft this was a 20-person raid so doing it with a single character can be challenging. Unfortunately Haakar eludes me. I go in with a tanking set and can not do enough damage before he enrages and kicks my ass. I got him down to like 15% HP left. I may try one more time switching to DPS mode and wearing some more attack oriented gear. I may also bag it and bring a couple of buddies and kick his ass good.

On the wife front nothing has really moved. I hope she is not realizing that this is a lose/lose situation for her. I tried to figure out what she gets from this but could not come up with much.

1. You never help around the house
Might be true but not going to be helping more when I move out. Win for me.

2. Mobneys
Tops I lose here is 50% of my income. Most estimates are lower than this. Currently I give my entire check to the wife. So I end up net 50% more where she ends up with less. Win for me!

3. You Always Ignore Me
So if I ignore you.. stay downstairs to myself.. it is almost like I am not living there.. so not sure what you get from the divorce here. I guess this one is break even.

I really think I will make out great in this divorce thing. The only thing that sucks about the whole thing is only seeing the kids like once a month or whatever we work out. I also think disrupting their entire lives and making them move is going to suck. If not for that I would be so gone already. I wonder if the wife did the math and is realizing how bad this is going to suck for her. Either that or she is just busy or lazy but she has not mentioned any plans for going forward. I have brought it up a few times but it has gone nowhere. Winning the lottery would make some of this easier so send some good luck vibes.

Sister is still in lockdown. She is sitting in jail waiting for 30-days for her trial. Apparently our state only has one female jail so she might be in with some bad ass bitches. Hopefully she learns something from this but I am not going to hold my breath for that.


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