Friday, April 17, 2009

Poker Playing

Not totally sure why I have not been playing. It is not due to lack of fundage. I actually have a bit more than what I like to call a "Starter" bankroll. What is that my friends? Well in this I am truly an expert so listen up. It is fucking hard to get a bankroll going in poker. When you deposit like fifty bucks and expect to win win win you are climbing up the slope to the starter bankroll. You might do good and pop it up to two hundred but variance is what it is.. and you are climbing on a slippery slope. I think around $300 is the basic starter bankroll. Once you hit this plateau you have just enough stability to ride things out and really have a chance to make something bigger. Before that it is hit or miss.. but once you get a good base you can grow and wait out any variance.

On the divorce front not too much new. I might get laid if I so choose. I was playing some Mafia wars on Facebook when I looked up and had an email. It was from this girl Julie. She is a friend of my sisters from when I was like eighteen. She could have been my first fuck but I needed a sluttier chick that knew what she was doing. I had Julie in my bed and naked but she like just kinda laid there. So I kicked her out. I mean I need some kind of interaction. Now a days I would probably just flip her over and fuck her up the ass. Teach that bitch not to move.

Anyhow I am pretty clueless in the ways of women.. Just ask Kat about some of the shit I have said to her over the years. At least now she knows I am clueless. So this chick Julie sends me an message "Hey are you Michelle's Brother? How is she? Blah Blah whogivesafuckshutupbitch". I wrote back and told her my sister was in jail and a real fuckup. She then asked about me so I told her how I was doing. Next thing I know she sends and email that says "hey whats up? nothing much with me XXX-XXX-XXXX". I am pretty fucking clueless about women so I really do need your advice but to me this says "FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMENOW!". I mean you really have to SCREAM it to me in order to get through my oblivious nature but am I right here or is this delusional Waffles? You decide!

So I will probably call her and see what's up. Not sure I want to fuck her anymore than I did when I was 18 but you never know.. I probably should start exercising so I do not have a heart attack when it actually happens. Have fun people.


Blogger Fuel55 said...

OMG you are a piece of work!

10:32 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

novelty fucks are overrated. move on.

1:39 AM


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