Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excellent to Know

It is somewhat comforting to know things do not change in the poker world. Played the 40+5 PLO8 MTT the other day. Nice cool grand on the line for first. Chipped up early when I flopped a small wrap with 234 on an A5 board. I got all in three ways and ended up making a runner runner flush for the scoop. I never looked back from there. I was a top five stack the entire MTT. Until the end.

I made one questionable play that ironically was like the first play. I flopped the nut low draw and a nut high flush draw along with a pair. I potted it and got called three ways. The turn brought a straight to the board and completed my low. So I popped it again. I missed my flush draw and lost about 8K of my 18K stack leaving me 10K and a solid middle stack. I was quartered in that hand on the low, and was beaten by the straight and set for the high. Big hand to lose there.

I stayed patient however and got my stack back up to 20K with 13 left. The first stack had 40K so I was in the running. I then got into this hand. I had A23J s00ted. The flop comes JJ9. A guy leads out and I am trying to decide of my AJ is any good. The turn brings another 9 and the guy ships it. I think the second nine is actually a good card. It brought me a flush draw which could be dead and also likely the best trips somewhat ruling out the J9 in the other guys hand. It could happen but I liked my odds here. So I jammed him and got it all in. I had him covered by a fair bit. He of course, being Greek, bent over and called with J6. As the six hit the river and shot me down to 13th place with 9 spots paying I knew the game had run its course. I had taken a three out beat and swung about 32K in chips. I would have been the chip leader with twelve remaining instead of the chump.

I ended up out a few hands later when I went with A3KQ s000ted against A33K rainbow. Not a good match up for me and IGH when the pair of threes hold.

Tonight I will be watching as the kiddo plays in his little league playoff game. Should be interesting. I think he may have a chance to pitch. He pitched a second game for an inning and ended up with two strikeouts and a grounder for a 123 inning. Solid pitching. His team is up against one of the better teams in the league. It is the Texas Rangers vs the Philadelphia Phillies. Feel free to open the prop betting line in the comments.


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Go Rangers :-)

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