Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WoW I am Lucky

I played WoW last night. It was fun. Only reason I mention it is to show my luck transcends poker. We ran through the spider wing of Naxx last night (25 man). First boss had some nice gloves. I rolled a 92 of 100. Pretty damn good roll. I am awaiting my prize when the guy after me rolls 93. 7 outer?

Next I was joking with the guys in the group about my terrible rolling. So I throw the dice for fun and roll a fucking 99! Then I say "If this was real the next guy would roll a 100".. So the next guy rolls.. and it is 100! A 1 fucking outer! God loves to taunt me.

I finally did win a roll with a 42. However I did not notice it was a Paladin piece. So I gave it up and went home empty. It was still fun though. Got a few tokens and finally cleared the Spider Wing with a PUG and got the achievement for taking the second boss down by just blasting her to the ground ignoring all of her crazy buffs. All in all a decent night.


Blogger NewinNov said...

This means absolutely nothing to me but it sounds like you had fun. I do remember D&D thought so it's not like I'm above all the geek stuff.

9:53 AM


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