Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Fun

The other day my son comes running out of his room and up to my wife. He pulls down his pants and beams with pride "MOMMY MOMMY LOOK I HAVE BALL HAIR!". Ah the wonders of growing up.

I was talking to the wife the other day and said "It is unlikely I would sleep with Lake Beast because she is too dumb. I like smart women". She nodded in agreement. I then said "I never would have married you if you were not smart". She nods again. I turn to her and say in a sarcastic voice "Lucky you are smart, huh?". We both crack up laughing for the next ten minutes.

The Mookie was fun tonight. I slow played Aces against VB pro after he raised from EP. Chad called behind. My opponents had T7 and QJ. Flop came T7x and I did not improve. All three stacks went in on the flop so technically I had odds to call there. I still like my call there as I will get paid off by some weaker hands at times. For instance if Chad had folded and VBPro actually had a good pair. The flop would allow me to stack him. I think jamming is fine too. Mixing it up is important but when you get sucked out on by a shit hand you just have to accept it.


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