Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Just Looking

So for some stupid reason I decided to check out some dating sites. Not sure why because I really do not want to be in a serious relationship. I guess to see what kinds of people use them. You know. I find they annoy me a LOT. Like check this one out:

"Am looking for a non-smoking male that is tall, educated, athletic, kind, has time to get to know me, and is interested in starting off as friends and seeing what develops."

YEAH WELL TOO FUCKING BAD!! YOUR OLD YOU STUPID CUNT! I mean really. Why don't you just say "HEY, I FUCKING CANT GET A MAN UNLESS I BLOW ON THE FIRST DATE.. I REALLY WILL TAKE ANYTHING". I mean Jesus. Your fucking old. Believe me time was not good to you. Lower your goddamn standards.

What's with the Spanish chick too. Do not get me wrong. I love Spanish chicks. However when some fat chick has "soy una persona muy trankila buena honda" on her profile how the fuck am I supposed to know what that means? I think it translates to "I will blow you in my Honda for a Twinkie". I could be wrong.

Even that fat chick put her picture up though.. The one's that put in weird profile caricatures must be really ugly. *shudder*.


Blogger Sean D said...

Wawfuls on a dating site.


cant stop laughin...

8:36 AM


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