Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey I won, Wow, Awesome

I won at poker last night. It was fun. The end. Seriously. I did. I played some more RUSH poker. It was the usual.

I have 66 vs AJ. Flop comes AJ. Dude bets really small. I call. Turn is a lovely 6. Dude bets again. I jam him all in. He calls. River Jack. Down a bit.

I have A7 dude has 97. Flop comes 236. We get all in on the flop. Turn is a 9. Down some more.

I hit gutterballs like a motherfucker. I am now back to even. I love the gutter shove especially in RUSH poker.

I have KK. Three way all in. I am up against Q7 and QQ. I avoid the one out. I am way up now.

I shove KK into AA. Not good. A few more suckouts happen for and against and I finally get smart and leave with close to a buyin profit.

I have a new sport. Rejamming Germans. Very profitable and fun as fuck. The Germans NEVER have anything.

I find that RUSH poker is very very bouncy. Like CK. I go up and down a lot. Perhaps this is how the flow of poker SHOULD be? Instead of trying to never lose a hand just keep the action going fast and furious. I think possibly though that it is teaching me how to play aggressively better. I normally do not raise, bluff enough. Somehow I still get people to call pre-flop all in jams with 52o but that is another story. Yeah, I lost that hand too. Fucking French people.

I still can not reconcile the bad beats. It is SOOOOO bad for my game. I just can not call poker a "Game of Skill" when in the first dozen hands I see several 1-3 outters. It drives me insane.

I have decided to try a new approach. I am going to make 2500 playing poker. I am going to cash out 2k and go to Disney land. I believe 2k is enough at least for Hotel and Airfare. I may need a little more for actual Disney thing. So we will see if this keeps me a little more focused.

Sorry for the Poker news but not much going on in the soap opera department at the moment. Although Bayne has decided I am Good Luck Chuck. Hear that single ladies? Use the cooler for your own profit. I will not be responsible for any loss of social status.


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Where is Mary when you need her?

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