Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women Just Do Not Get It

Here is an example while it is fresh in my mind. I get up this morning. There is snow outside. Now normally I do not care and let my cunt wife shovel it. Right? Somehow I am feeling like doing manly things. So I go outside in the freezing cold. Shovel the whole walk and drive. I take out the trash. Put out the recyclables. I then start scraping off the car when she comes out. First thing out of her mouth: "You need to clear off the front it's full of ice". Now my initial angry retort was "I have not fucking gotten to it yet". Here is where women just do not get it. If a man does manly things for you.. things you like and want done.. then the first thing you should do is say "Wow Nice Job on the Walk!" or "Thanks for clearing off the car". Now we will probably grunt at you and you may not think we appreciate it. However we will have been positively reinforced like the dogs we are. So we will naturally do these tasks again without any bitchingprompting from you. Instead of you getting all mad that we do not do things we will become this amazing slave machine. It really is a good idea. Now the next time my cunt ex wife see's it snowing she will wonder why the walk is not shoveled. Fuck you bitch. It's your own fault.


Blogger Bayne_S said...

Did you clear the ice off the front yet?

10:16 AM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I actually completely agree with you on this post. Imagine if after a really great BJ: Yeah, but you forgot to lick the balls.

11:31 AM


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