Tuesday, February 09, 2010


"If I wanted to learn Spanish I would fuck a Hispanic chick.. "¡oh dios sí, sí, dios del ohhh SÍ! Galletas!! Galletas!!"
- Waffleism of the Day

Probably not going to be a regular feature. I had a good time this weekend causing the Colts to fail. It was funny too because I was late to my friend Mark's house so the whole time I was not there the Colts were winning.. but when I sat down to watch the game they got creamed. Congratz to the Saints. They made the adjustments they needed and outplayed the Colts.

I got totally smashed at the house. I pounded down five or six beers early and often and out popped the entertaining Waffles. It was fun. I met up with a bunch of people I had not seen in years. It was a little odd. The terrorist was there. Funny little bald fuck. Also two guys I had not seen since sixth grade. Weird shit. It was fun reliving my bachelor party with the guys.

I even played some poker this weekend. Up 3.5 buyins. Love the RUSH. I am currently working on my guide to break even play at RUSH. My last session consisted of buying in short and sucking out a lot. I crushed QJ 2x after raising pre-flop and getting into a pissing war on the flop with AK. Lost a decent sized hand with AK vs AA. Won a few nice hands with QQ vs KK and 33 flopped set vs OESD.

The thing I like about RUSH is it forces me to be very aggressive pre-flop to steal a ton of blinds and then figure out when to put the breaks on. It is not a style I normally play so it can be fun.


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