Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cake Poker

I read a few posts about Cake Poker. The most recent and complete is probably by some dude named Dan Katz. I have not read any of his crap before. He seems like a good writer. Not sure if you pokeratzi's know him or not.

His premise was it is a bad thing that everyone is so outraged at Cake poker for making a mistake in a hand. The people at 2+2 are all overexcited little kids and need to grow up. I am not one to defend 2+2. I think for the most part it is a bunch of ass hats. Elitist morons. Funny thing is probably most of the people sprouting great advice on how to play that 1% hand are losing players.

I do however disagree with Mr. Katz. Is he related to Dr. Katz? Is he fat and bald loser too? Sorry.. my mind wanders in my old age.

I think it is a positive thing when the community calls out a site for any problem. If it was not for some smart number crunchers on 2+2 we might never have heard of the problems with UltimateCheat and AbsoluteThieves. In that case also people were yelling and screaming and acting juvenile. The news got around though and people made their own decisions. I personally would like to see the Poker community not forgive UB and boycott them for a long time. Other assholes like Hoyazo will just play where they think the value is. It is our choice how we respond to this.

In the case of Cake poker I feel more lenient. I think this was a software bug and that the poker room took the appropriate action to notify people and fix the bug. The room even went above and beyond the necessary steps and basically gave .02/.04 players more money than they will ever win in their lifetimes. I think this was a nice gesture.

The point is that all the yelling and screaming and overreacting is EXACTLY what online poker needs. It gets the word out. It allows people of reasonable intelligence to hear the facts and the rhetoric and the trolls and then make an informed decision on where to use their spending power. The only possible downside I can see to this is mainstream media trying to sensationalize things for ratings. All in all I think the benefit outweighs any costs and I am glad that online players keep the sites accountable even if some of them do it in a fucked up troll like way.


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