Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I played badly last night to break even. Whee. I have been on a slight downslide. I understand that the reason you have to play aggressively and win a ton is because you are going to get that span of time where your big cards go down in flame to idiots. It's all a big wave where you crest and fall a lot and even out to that BB/HR rate that everyone is talking about. Still it is frustrating.

I decided to play some Stud-8 last night since NLHE was not my friend. I did well there picking up half a buyin. Totally different game. You basically make money by sitting around and snoozing until you find a hand that has great two way potential and hope it hits big against the other tards on the table.

On the home life front not too much to report. Nicks wife came by our house the other day and said some shit to our Au Pair. Will have to keep an eye on the situation. She is kind of a psycho bitch as I mentioned before. Hmm. I can not find it. So maybe I did not mention it.

Psycho had her sister over a couple weekends ago. So they got into this big verbal argument and next thing you know Psycho's sister is ramming Psycho's head into a door and the two are going at it. Hilarious really. Both of these sisters are totally bat ass crazy.

Not much else going on. Birthday is coming up soon. Do I really need another one? Going to lease a car this weekend. Figure I want something temporary for 2-3 years until I am settled and figure out what I want to do. Eventually I will have to get a pimp daddy car. I will be sure to ask for your advice when the time comes. Except Chacko, we know he is like that retard kid in that car commercial.


Blogger DrChako said...

I still have that Ferrari poster and I still drool over it every day. The Audi is for posers.


10:07 AM


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