Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Feelings

200 hands / 1BI / 20 minutes

I figured I wanted some good feelings. After losing 4BI of my 8BI run I felt I needed some positivity. So I won a buyin and left. Weekends are nuts. I noticed I raised like 75% of my hands at RUSH poker. Sick. The hand that put me over the top? I had 89o flop was X9X. Turn was an 8. I was against A9. The turn made a scary straight type board. I put the guy on Aces or some overpair to be honest. Dude jammed in on the turn. I called expecting to see a hand stronger than A9. Funny stuff. Sometimes I really can not understand these people.


Blogger Hellblood said...

Trips top kicker make it quite sick indeed. But still, I think the pot was getting just too big for your hand.
I dont know how the betting was going on but on the flop and turn you had only top pair what is little in rushpoker. With a check on one of these streets you could have kept the pot smaller. And still be able to bet the river + call the reraise.

12:34 AM


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