Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Legend Never Dies

200 Hands / +1BI / 15 minutes

So I promised Thorny I would give him a shout out. Last night I only played a little. I just was not excited to play so I put in the minimum time to get a buyin and left.

New readers all the time. Kind of nice. Not sure where these people find me. Probably from Google searching "BLOODY FUCKING CUNT WOMEN".

Thorn was curious about how to make good bluffs. I really am not sure. I think in the RUSH games there are a few things I try to do.

This advice applies to grinding it out at the .5/.10 levels and will need to be adjusted for higher levels. First off people play pretty ABC at the lower levels. If someone checks it usually means weakness. If someone bets small. Weak. If someone calls you pre-flop instead of raising. Probably weak. If you see weakness at these levels you should always pounce. Do not get carried away. It usually is not worth it. You can make a ton of money just raising and c-bet bluffing. Also calling a raise and betting when the guy leads out small or checks the flop. I will state it again though. You have to be willing to let go when he says "Ah ha just kidding I have something". Also if you sense that he is a calling station. He thinks he is beat. He is weak. He is not folding. That is why he loses so much money. So be on the watch for things like that.

For a bluff to work it needs to make sense. If I limp pre-flop then bet when an Ace hits is someone going to give me credit for a big Ace? No. I limped. Nobody in their right mind limps a good Ace. Now if I raise 25o pre-flop. I then lead out fast and hard on the flop. I am getting more folds here because it makes sense that my strong ace is going to bet there. So try and raise a lot in these games. It gives you the initiative and makes your c-bets more believable.

Three barrel when you think someone is bluffing. I do a lot of this based on what country the guy is from. I have a whole post on this coming soon. Eurotards are bad. If someone is raising from 1-2 off the CO then you can safely re-raise them. A lot of times they will get stubborn and call. You then c-bet and take down a larger pot. Occasionally they hit and you have to let it go to the re-raise but in the long run this will allow you to normally take down 3BB pre-flop. Not bad stuff.

So those are some of my ideas on playing RUSH poker at the lower levels. I will admit that I have had a spotty cash game record. Mostly because of tilting I think. As you can see though I am doing well so far in RUSH poker. I am up 3x my original stake and have had one losing session in two weeks. So possibly I am doing something right. Good luck to you all.


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Thanks for the shoutout and the tips. Your blog was linked from someone else's... but I forgot exactly whose because it wasn't as interesting. :)

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