Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starting in a Hole

444 Hands / +.2 BI / 1 Hour

Somedays I start by losing a buyin. Usually because I am a little too hyper aggressive.. See the 96 hand.. I agree that hand was a clusterfuck. The reason for it was not my betting necessarily. I only got one part of the equation right. You need to sense peoples weakness but you also have to know what they are going to do. I knew he did not like the kings and he was weaker than a king.. what I misread was his willingness to fold queens. Meh. Shit happens. I make mistakes all the time.

The good thing lately is I have been limiting the losses and pushing the wins. Playing while I feel it. Letting my aggtard out a little. One key I believe in poker is to know how your opponents play and play differently than them.

What do I mean by that? For the LONGEST time the bible of poker was Super System. It is still a great book. People ALL started playing that way because it was new and nobody knew what to do because it was counter intuitive to the poker being played at the time. Next came the young guns and they threw super system out. These guys knew everyone played that style so they attacked it.

In rush poker it is the same. I know that most people play this game tight. Everyone reasons that they can fold the blind and see the next hand. In this way you can steal a HUGE amount of money from the table. I mean the blinds do not seem to be a huge deal but if you are doing it right then it makes all the difference.


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