Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Lessons

Lesson Number One: Never invoke Waffles, your daughter and sexual discussion in a single post. Bayne has forgotten this lesson so a quick reminder. Go ahead and read his post first.

Waffles said... I am always available for explanations to your DC daughter. Who knows in this crazy world I could be your son in law in like 8 years!

Of course this would alter our daily discourses greatly. Like right now on IM normally we have this greeting going where he will type Waffles into the chat and I will reply Bayne. I kind of think of it as a Jerry Seinfeld and the Newman kind of moment.

Bayne: Waffles
Waffles: Daddy.

See. Crazy. Anyway I have nothing better to post except tormenting Bayne for today. Not much going on. Our Au Pair has left us back to Chile. Wife has vetoed replacing her with a sweet Thai girl. Wife had a replacement for a month but she found a higher paying job and did not tell us until yesterday. Seriously annoying. God is still making flood like rains to thwart my marathon training. Life goes on.


Blogger Bayne_S said...

I am sure if I sought legal counsel on this matter all reputable lawyers would tell me that not only can I not harm you but they would have to alert authorities of an impending threat.

They might also tell me that no jury would convict me if demon child was suddenly widowed after eloping.

The fortunate thing for you is my wife would act quickly and save you from a pummeling 1st.

10:58 AM


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