Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad Mental Position

The Sunday game has me in a bad mental position. It just kind of hurt because I was on my game, in the zone.. playing pretty well. I can not think of a move I made that I would change. Even the one wrong move I made against Julius I think I would do again taking into consideration stack sizes and possible holdings.

Last night I spent some time counting every hand that I saw at showdown. Out of 22 hands I watched 18 Dogs won and 4 Favorites. I saw AA cracked 2x with 88 and 22, then QQ cracked by 88. All in pre-flop. Those were just the most disgusting suckouts. 18-4 seems somehow wrong. The fact I even decided to count the suckouts just shows I need to get my head in a better spot. I am sure I will rebound.

So much of poker seems like a joke when viewed in the microcosm of a game or several games. I really need to get back my patience for the long term. I always look at guys like Hoy who play 999 games a night just to score occasionally and kind of chuckle. While Hoy is no Chad and his overinflated ego tends to make him write as if he was some MTT god he has the right idea. He keeps a bankroll that he plays within and he grinds out 999 games a night. He might go months without winning anything but by putting in the time he gives himself the chance to put up a decent score. Ok. Honestly I have no respect for Hoy but the concept is sound.

If I want to have the success to match the skill I obviously have I need to invest more into my bankroll, and ignore all results in favor of the longer term picture. If I can really buy into this then I know I will do well. Otherwise I will Waffle for ever more. Which is at least amusing.


Blogger MHG said...

Bankroll? What about your spankroll?

11:11 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It's Fuel who pays not me.

11:36 AM

Blogger dbcooper said...

18 out of 22 now thats really sick

1:21 PM


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