Thursday, May 06, 2010

KQ Debate

It's not that the KQ hand bothers me that much. Obviously if I am my opponent I am getting it all in there. The thing that bothers me is as follows. I feel that I put people on hands fairly well. Do I have bad nights? Sure. Am I wrong? Of course. Do I fail to adjust to the next card on the board sometime? Sure. However I think I consistently set a players range correctly vs what I am holding. The thing I am not sure is what is the right move in a tourney.

Is there a correct move? In theory I would suppose so. I can see a lot of lines for this hand in hindsite.

I could have jammed pre-flop. Is this what your supposed to do in MTTs? With 120 blinds? Just throw in 50BB's if you know your opponent is weak pre-flop. Forgot seeing a flop. Forget outplaying your opponent. Just end the hand pre-flop and enjoy your chips.

I could have called the flop. In hindsight this might have been a better move. I am unsure if my opponent would have jammed the turn or called my jam. Do you play these hands slower and let your opponent catch up in a tourney? Do you play them slower to the turn and then jam there with better odds?

I just really am unsure where I should be making a different move. I see someone like LJ who jams in pre-flop all the time doing very well at tourneys. Is it all about doing that and amassing a stack that nobody can defeat?



Blogger Champ said...

Shove and chug, obv.

11:22 AM

Blogger Josie said...

LJ's move works every time except the last one.

IMO the key to success is making your opponent make tough decisions. You re-raise, turn the tables and let's see what happens. Aggro baby.

3:15 PM

Blogger nzgreen said...

You make it sound like re-raising and getting them to fold is not out-playing them.

6:05 PM


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