Friday, June 04, 2010

30 Days Of Night

Flush off my third place finish in the 3.30 I have started a plan for world domination. For the next 30 days I will play the Daily Dollar every day. I will win this thing. I had my chance already when I had a 600K to 200K chip lead deep. I let that one slip away. I shall not be denied again.

This challenge should be good for my patience in grinding if not my sanity. I kicked it off last night. I was late to the start of the game and this was bad. I had a 3k stack while all my table mates had already chipped up to 10-13K. The blinds were also at like 60/120 or so.

I think one of the things I do well in MTTs is start strong. Early on it does not cost much to speculate and something about the way I play causes people to never fold. If I can get out to a strong early lead I think I can crush. It is much harder when all the stacks around you are huge and the blinds cost something. I quickly donked out of this one.

I was not ready to quit though so I fired up a 90-man. I was up and down at the beginning. I started off really well and got a 10K lead. I then pissed that away and was back to 4K. I yo-yo'ed for a while... then the bubble kind of burst and I was ITM with a smallish stack. I was able to amass a decent stack with the tourist.

I final table as the top stack. One guy goes out quickly and then I find myself with Aces in the EP. I limp hoping for a raise and get what I want. I re-raise the guy a little. Not enough for him to fold. He cold calls. The flop comes Kxx. I string him along to the turn and get him to commit all of his chips. He turns over K7 on the turn drawing pretty thin. King of the river was painful. It actually did not bother me. I still had a ton of chips. It did pop me down to six of six.

My final table strategy is to guarantee third place then up the ampage and take first. My thinking is that top three spots are the bread and butter. The highest percentage of money goes there. I want to make sure I can make it to third. Sometimes this means being aggressive and sometimes this means just letting the donks murder each other.

I hang on until four are left. I then limp KQ s00ted in the CO. I normally do not advise this. It is good to mix it up though. Flop comes Kxx. Dude with KT s00ted rams it in after I check and I hold. I am now numero uno with three left. Exactly where I want to be.

I then used a patented Waffles move. It is the most profitable play in poker. You will NEVER hear this from any book. I think this alone should get me a Red Pro tag on Full Tilt. I mean think of the money they would save in Avatar design. All the happy, confused, mad Avatars would be me with a bright red face and steam shooting out my ears.

Back to the super move. I have 44 and I raise it up. A solid player calls and the flop comes A23. Some people jam here. I checked to keep pot size under control. The solid guy leads out for 25K of my remaining 100K stack. I have him slightly covered. Now I start thinking about why FT would put out a flop of A23. Obviously the other guy has some sort of Ace and Full Tilt is going to give me the straight. So I cold call here. Loose? Possibly. The implied odds are good for me though. I may be the unluckiest player on the face of the planet Earth but I hit gutters like a motherfucker.

Bing. The turn is the five. Now MOST people lead out with a value bet here. I am telling you this is wrong and goes against the patented Waffles Gutter Jam system. You must ALWAYS jam here. You will NEVER get a fold. It must always be the gutter then the jam. Period. So I ship in my remaining 75K and he predictably calls with A8. I stack his ass and we are down to the final two. I now have a 2:1 chip lead over my opponent.

The rest is just mop up work. I jam my sevens. He calls with K9 and I hold up for the victory. First place is the only place bayybeee.

Boston is odd. A black man is dressed in a pimp-red lobster suit selling something or other. New restaurant opening? You go pimp daddy lobster! You go!

Looks like DBCooper decided NOT to quit or to at least remove his rage-quit post. I hope he keeps up with it. He actually is a pretty cool guy and like Loretta said I do not want to be "running people off the internet". Peace out and I will let you know how my attempt to stomp the daily dollar goes.


Blogger Josie said...

Congratz on the WIN!!!

Playing a 1 table while reading this. Hit top pair, bet, and got called. Turn made 2 pair - tried your jam instead of my value bet and GOT CALLED. Just double up. Woot!

8:24 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

I believe Loretta said don't run people off the internet, ASSHOLE!

9:27 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

wow, nice win dude

10:58 PM


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