Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HORSE Says Neiggghhh

HORSE news from the world of poker:I cashed. I know unbelievable. On a fluke I decided to play the nightly HORSE game. I got off to a good start and held the chip lead for a short time. As people tightened up near the bubble I started getting short stacked. Xlm and Pushmonkey had also entered this game. Pushmonkey would donk out early as usual. Xlm hung in there. Until the 18th spot with 16 spots paying. He tried valiantly to eeek in but his 99 was run down by the all powerful tourist. I got all in on the bubble and my A23T was able to scoop the pot against QJ78. My opponent flopped a Jack to my ten on a 5JT board. It was a bad flop for me but I had to play it out. The turn 3 gave me two pair and a nut low draw. So I shipped my final chips. I was called and the river completed my low giving my opponent no help. Two pair and nut low for the scoop. After the bubble broke I was able to chip up a lot. Finally down around ninth place I went all in on a Stud-8 Hand of A2Q with some suit. I was unable to hit my low and took ninth place money. It vaulted me back over 200 after a mostly down weekend that saw me give up forty bucks. On the good side there was no tilting or going higher in stakes. I just played through it and fought back to where I am now.

I guess some other guy won a HORSE tourney too.


Blogger Shrike said...

Congrats, maybe next year you can win a WSoP HORSE tourney and be like Ivey.


9:57 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the ca$h.

1:12 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

nice cash. Yea, that other guy screwed up my fantasy game by winning. Wanted Lisandro and Juanda in front of him but what can I say. Four runners itm and 3 at final table should at least give me a decent score.

So when you headed to Vegas to win that HORSE bracelet?

1:52 PM

Blogger 冠慧 said...

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6:26 AM


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