Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Owe Kaja a Buck

Alright you win. I played last night. Break even night. To follow Josies lead: Bankroll - 1.9.

I did my walk today. I have been doing one everyday. Sometimes I cheat and do the short 1 mile one. Today I went full round 1.9 mile route. Here is the walk if your curious.

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Best part of the walk is the water area.

It would have been nice for someone who I work with to mention my shirt was on backwards before I went walking and got the right side all sweaty. Now I think I am stuck wearing it backwards. It's fun being Waffles.

I think as far as my break even goes it is a mixed issue. I think I need to focus on doing just one thing instead of like last night hit some STTs, 4.40 SNG, and then a LO8 MTT again. Too much. I get bored and unfocused. Tonight I am going to hit the STTs until I get back up to the 2's and then possibly do a 4.40 SNG if I have time.

While walking in my dead, ripped boots I like to ponder things. I like to come up with theories on the world. My theories can change obviously. Like before I was married I figured you need three wives. One wife is the nurturing woman. The one who likes to cook and clean and keep everything running. The second would be the hot chick. Who has a smokkin body. She is to bang every night. The final wife would be the interesting one. Who you can discuss things with and have intelligent conversations. I have since revamped this theory to read: If I every had three wives I would shoot myself.

My latest theory is on women and toilet paper. Do you know what I am talking about? I mean seriously. I buy a 24-pack and by the next morning the whole freaking thing is gone. Do you really need that many sheets? So here is my latest theory. Are you ready?

Totally has to be. The ladies go in there. They then transform into WereRats. These WereRat women then eat rolls of toilet paper and finally flush the toilet coming out in their human forms. Us oblivious men are not aware anything is amiss.

The little man got to be a superstar last night. Guy on third. A line drive rips up between second and first he dives to the left and make the snag saving the winning run. Nice play little man! Nice play!


Blogger BamBam said...

Little man rawks!
A little advice if I could.
Go for a combo of wife #2 & #3 = be a happy man. if you're smart, you'll learn how to cook!
Wererats bite!
Shirt backwards? How 'zactly does that happen?


7:09 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Your theory needs some tweaking. The change: find all three in one woman and marry her. I did and I did. Almost 22 years later I am still a happy guy.

7:35 PM

Blogger --S said...

I cannot stop laughing. I seriously thought that toilet paper thing only happened in my house. At least now I understand what's going on! ;)

3:36 AM


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