Thursday, June 24, 2010

Step One - Check

Got something like this.


Blogger Fuel55 said...

pure fagmobile

9:08 PM

Blogger Josie said...


Next week, step two.

6:00 AM

Blogger on_thg said...

Moving to Minnesota, excellent first step.

6:20 AM

Blogger Schaubs said...

essential if one wants to go on a date with the opposite sex.

So what is your reason then?

7:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What step is the queen side air mattress where all the magic will take place?

Three? Right after the hip bachelor pad?

9:04 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Walking's better for you

9:08 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

I thought we discussed BMW Honda screams fag

2:24 PM


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