Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Schaubs Really Likes Me!

Bitch basically said he LOVES my blog. My baseball team has lost the THIRD game in a row. Our team came close last night losing 9-7. My starter was inconsistent giving up 6 in the first and then 1 in the second. The assistant coaches son was good this time after a few shaky starts. A new kid wants to pitch. Nobody wants to catch. Ug. Still have no idea where to put the fat kid. He blew about four runs in one inning. Amazing he made two fantastic plays to save a few runs later. It is kind of cool holding your breath as he stumbles after a pop to right field and then feeling elation when he actually catches the ball before tripping over his own feet.

Anyhow I am way off subject for today's post. I have decided to talk politics today. I could talk poker but I am currently at a stagnant point. I have been stuck at two hundred this month. I go up and down. Not winning much. Not losing much. Normally this is where I would get bored and blow my roll but I have been enjoying playing with Josie a bit so for now it is safe.

Politics. Obama if he is lucky will go down as the "First Black President" in history. If he is unlucky he will be called a fucking tool and ridiculed for the rest of eternity making George Bush Jr's totally fucked up presidency look pretty good. Now why is this? How come he is not going to be reelected? Where is all the anger and furor coming from. It is because he broke the cardinal rule of life and not because he is such a horrible president. What might you say is this alleged rule that Waffles is talking about? I will tell you. He made people BELIEVE.

Here is a little story to show you how you never ever want to make people believe something can be true. I was married to my wife. I was miserable. I was ready to bite the bullet and stay married miserably until the kids graduated college. Seriously I was. In our misery we find a peaceful acceptance once we have been beaten down enough. However the Wife suggested we MUST get divorced. We should see other people. I should move out to my own apartment. Now what seemed like the existence I was stuck with suddenly had glorious possibilities. I could have my own place. The kids would come over without the bitch and we would swim and frollick in the pool. I would bang some slutty cheap college girls. Fuck the world was my oyster now! Suddenly I was angry at how things were. I want to change everything. It has been slow but I am taking power back and getting motivated to make more changes. All because my vision of what could never change had switched.

Obama is the same. He came in with his pretty boy looks and his flowery tongue. He promised change! He was not the same ole politician who we always had to accept. He would not keep us in the slavery and drudgery of the rapidly sinking middle class. He was our hero! Everything would be put right by Super Obama! I realized he was just a lifer politician and wrote about it during the elections. However a shit ton of people bought into it. These people thought everything would change. Life would get better. The economy would be golden. People would all be healed just by uttering his holy name. Now these people see that nothing is changing. No magic pill has saved them from their lives of excess spending and debt. No super Obama snake oil helped change things. It was just more of the same. In realizing that the dreams he sparked to life are dead the people have become ANGRY. Enraged! It's lucky we are so civilized or there could be burnings and hangings!

So the lesson learned from the Obama presidency is simple: Do not give people any hope. I am sure our next Republican president will do great with this.


Blogger KenP said...

Remember Jimmy "Lower Expectations" Carter? He was followed by a guy that exuded hope and was about as honest in the process as Washington allows. He was also one of those guys who's party starts with 'R'. In his case 'R'eformed Democrat is equally applicable.

Actually, the promise of change is being fulfilled. We just aren't careful what we wish for.

2:12 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

You should move to Canada. We're totally 'effed up and have no expectations.
(except Hockey Gold!)


10:54 AM

Blogger ElvisGrbac said...

Fat kid should play catcher. Love your blog BTW.

12:07 PM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

so how's the "banging college chicks" part going

9:44 AM


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