Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mr. Exercise

OMG! Blah. Thursday I spent all day puking. So I could not jog. I swear puking 7 times over the daytime is NOT GOOD. I have a few possible reasons including some rare tuna I had and other things I will not mention.

As a good doobie I decided to run Friday night. Just before the HUGE thunderstorms came flying in. I mean I finished jogging and then huge drops started coming down and then the whole sky opened up in light and power. These bolts were so low. Right above the tree line. It was pretty awesome. When I was running my right chest was in serious pain. It feels like a muscle pain so I am not too worried. It did make my run very challenging but I made the required run for Week 2 Episode 2. It is still sore so I am kind of dreading Sunday.

Today was practice with the kids. About three showed up. No big deal. It is a summer league. I did a bunch of batting and then played pickle with the kids till I almost died. No you pervs not THAT pickle. It is basically a game where kids steal bases and other kids have to throw them out.

Two days of decent exercise. Puking. Little bit of poker. Been busy. The weight tally at the moment is....... 176 pounds. Down from like 184-188 or so. So a good start.


Blogger Wolfshead said...

Sounds good, keep it up

2:20 PM


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