Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night we crushed 12-5 or something. We were ahead 11-0 for most of the game. The last inning the kids had a bad news bears moment and let a few runs score. Overall a good game. I hated sitting kids but luckily one kid just did not show. So I had less to do. One of our lead pitchers is out for the rest of the year on vacation so hopefully we will not have to sit too many kids. Although I did add a younger kid to our roster. She wanted to play and she is really a nice kid with excellent baseball skills so I let her play with us for the last three games. We need her for the last game anyways since we only have 8 scheduled to play.

Tonight is the dreaded week three. Only part I have not done yet is a 3-minute jog. My lungs pretty much seem to explode at 90 minutes so I have some concerns. I am going to tough it out and hopefully achieve more than I think is possible. Worse thing that can happen is I fail which is not so bad.

I seem to be back up around 179 pounds now from my low of 177. I blame the kid. After the game he is like "Hey lets go to C&L Frosties".. So I get him a hot dog and fries and get myself a dog and onion rings. mmmm fried death. He then angle shoots me and says "Hey for that great hit I got you should get me an ice cream".. so of course I get a peppermint stick cup. We sat watching the heat lightning bolts crash across the sky. It was pretty wild.

Honestly I am running for the health aspect and not the weight aspect. Also 179 is a loss of weight so I am not sweating it. I just do not get how my body decides what to weigh. I mean it is different every single time I hop on the scale.

Lightning was AWESOME last night. Poker was break even. Life goes on.


Blogger lightning36 said...

"Lightning was AWESOME last night."

Much better than your tweet "Fucking you cocksucker Lightning!"

7:59 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

Don't forget, you're gaining muscle with the running too, and muscle weighs more than fat. Do some measurements too so that you can see when the scale isn't cooperating, often you're losing inches instead :)

8:46 AM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

heh, I was going to write the same thing as shelly... you also have water weight going up and down, and hot dogs and onion rings don't help matters.... I've been swinging from 173 to 177 for the past week, and like you I'm not concerned about the weight, just about the blub. I can see my abs getting a lot tighter, it just takes time.

And dude - great job on the coaching thing. Whether you guys win or lose, it's great to see you put so much effort into it...

Had the lightning here last night too... awesomely cool. (real lightning, NOT lightning36... he's a fucking cocksucker)

9:15 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am surprised I have not tweeted since then but it is surprisingly apt. ;). Lightning36 is not a bad guy just creepy stalker. :P.

9:43 AM

Blogger Josie said...

When I saw the title of the post was "Win" I figured it was baseball and not poker. :P

10:50 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

haha i thought the same thing Josie

7:46 PM


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