Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Howard Lederer Is a MORON

Played another set of five SNGs last night. Finished with a second and two thirds. Not very exciting way to win like five bucks but whatever. I have to say his advice of "Call all in's with KJ+ or QJ+ when three are left" is total bullshit. You will be facing a lot worse hands? Really? Possibly in your fucked up universe but where I am sitting that is crap advice. "You have already made 20% of the money so gambool". Fuck you degen? Go smoke your crack pipe and make money on owning a site instead of your out of date, rusty, crap "poker skills". I fucking think your the biggest moron ever now.

I am willing to admit my sample size is small BUT I think his advice is horrible. The games I am playing at the 5.50 level PEOPLE ARE TIGHT AS FUCK. Last night the first four games I played had NINE people into the 50/100 level. NINE FUCKING PEOPLE! The hands that I was against in shoves were things like AQ and AJ and fucking shit that kicked my ass so BAD! I think if you have spent your time getting this far you need to be EXTREMELY tight on calls. You can be slightly looser or shoves probably. His crap advice about calling pushes with weak ass hands is retarded.

On the good side I did not have the urge to call anyone a fucktard or retarded anal monkey fucking Brazilian last night. Shit those guys make me want to hate fuck my Brazilian Au Pair.

On the health front. Did like 27 pushups last night. Repeating Day One of my regiment since I failed Day Three. My running is going good. I was EXTREMELY sore and my legs were EXTREMELY tight on Monday. It was an easy run of 5min-8min-5min. I have to think my legs are still dead from Saturday. Tonight has me a little worried as I am doing two ten minute runs. I know I can accomplish this when I am feeling good but with my sore left leg and how badly the run went on Monday I am a little concerned. I will give it my all though.

Hell I may even finish fixing the window tonight before I go running.


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please keep playing poker

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