Monday, August 23, 2010

Live Poker Is Rigged

I went and played some live poker up at Seabrook NH with Josie. It was an interesting night. We played a 10 person SNG and an MTT. Here is how they both ended.

I am the second in chips. The first in chips has been raising and bluffing people off of hands all night. I call his raise with the debil hand of AJ s00ted. The flop comes down KT9 two of my suit. I have shown exactly 3 hands all night and they were a set of Aces and Queens twice. I lead out on the flop for 3k of my remaining 9-10K. The chip leader has like 11K. He jams all in for all of his chips.

Thought process. He does not have anything awesome. Possibly a King or Queen. He is ahead of me I beleive but not a lot. So my outs are a Queen, an Ace, any Diamonds. Upwards of 16 outs with fuzzy math. If I call and lose I am out. I can fold here and probably still money. I would still be second in chips. However this is a FUCKING huge draw. I am probably favored at 55-45 to win the hand. So do I call?

I thought about it for way too long and finally made the call. My opponent had A9 so all the outs I thought I had were live except my Jack instead of my Ace was live. I kind of was down on my call as the board ran out runner sixes. However in hindsight I think it was the right call. If I was playing a 5.50 SNG as I normally do I would snap call here. The only difference is that I paid sixty bucks to get into this tourney. So if I would snap call at my regular stake I need to do so here. In the long run I think I win enough to make it profitable assuming my read is correct. Here it was dead on.

I then played a $100 MTT. I started out alright taking a few pots down with top pair. I lost a few small pots. I then get into a hand where I turn the nut straight. I bet out HUGE and the guy calls me and I KNOW the fucking diamond on the river is baaaaaaaad. I should have checked behind but I end up value betting into the nuts and paying him off a few hundred more. I was down a bit but had a stack.

One guy was playing the table hard. He would limp or raise almost any hand with his large stack. I knew he was full of shit. I was so keyed in to this game. I was getting really lousy cards too. I limp with A6 s00ted. The flop comes 576. The dude who has been pushing everyone with his big stack leads out for 2k. I have like 6-7K behind. I jam all in against him after thinking it through. I felt I was ahead here. He calls me and turns up... A6. HAH! I have no idea how he called there but anyways...

I make a sick call against a guy with pocket threes. I had like 6th pair on the board but obviously he had nothing. I was so fucking dead on in my reads. I then raise AQ and he smooth calls. I jam the Queen flop and he calls with pocket threes to donate the rest of his stack to me. Do not try to imitate Waffles. You will get hurt.

I get moved to another table with my 6k stack. Blinds are starting to get high. I notice this one guy with a fag beard. I mean it's one of those ones where you just have a tiny thin strip of hair down the middle. Dick. He has been betting in a pattern. Everyone checks the flop. He leads the turn for a min bet. Blinds are getting high at 400/800 at the time so he took down a few pots.

I am in the big blind with T3o and a few people limp. The flop is 235. Checks around. Turn is a Queen. Dude does his EXACT same min bet even does the same flipping splash action. I call. River is another Queen. Now I am POSITIVE he does not have a Queen. He leads out for 2xBB bet. I instant call and he see's my hand and mucks. He then grumble WTF! How do you call there! Stop playing with your hands up retard.

That hand got my stack back up to 11k. The blinds were up to 500/1000 at this time. I kept getting wonderful hands like 38o and 93o. So I folded like a motherfucker. I did steal once when the two bozo's who limped every hand.. limped again.. so I jammed my Ace rag in and got them to fold.

The tourney broke down to two tables. I got moved to my new table but my cards did not improve. The big stack was raising a lot and I had no chance to play my 94o's in any meaningful ways.

Finally with 6K left I look down and see Rockets! The douche with the fag beard had been on a huge run. He called a raise with 45o and flopped a straight against two other guys. One guy turns a pair. The other guy has two over cards and a gutter draw. Both call this guys all in. He tripples up. He then gets Aces vs some smuck and stacks him. The guy limps on my right and I basically shove in. I think I held back 1K just to be cute. So this guy limped 2K and then called my shove. Even though I have not shown down any crap hands. To be fair he had like 30K so losing 6K is not going to knock him out. He turns over K9 as his hand. The flop comes K9x. The turn gives me a nut flush draw, 6 outs to pair the board, and 2 Aces still in the deck. So again I have like 16 outs. Do I win the coin flip? Would this be Ramblings of a Mad Man if I did?

I took it well. Shook the guys hand. I was honestly not angry. He did have the chips to call. I played about as well as I could given the cards and action I was getting. I just could not get lucky when it counted.

I had a good time. It was a lot of fun. The Seabrook poker room is pretty nice. I think I played a pretty fucking great game both times. I could have been a little more cautious and made a few bucks in the SNG however I am fine with getting in there. It was just not my night to win.


Blogger Josie said...

Ugh - Glad you had a good time...wish I could say the same. lol

8:31 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

go for a check-raise with the AJ so you're not in a spot where you have to call it off, force the other guy to a decision

2:13 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

"I kept getting wonderful hands like 38o and 93o"

The 38o I understand but c'mon! What's wrong with "The Bammer?"


7:12 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hmm. I hardly ever check-raise which is probably bad.. I just hate giving out free cards with top pair... with a HUGE draw I guess it is alright.

10:44 AM


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