Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Checking In

Just checking in.

Not a hell of a lot going on right now.

Poker is on a downward trend. Down to 210 again from the peek of 300. Need to break through and hit a few little scores. Instead of treading water. I blame Josie for seducing me into these VeryJosie games. Big drain on the bankroll! ;).

Running is good. I did 25 minutes Friday. Went swimming with the kiddies Saturday. Did pushups Sunday and back out running for another 25 minutes on Monday. Wednesday scares me. Mondays run was a little tougher than Fridays for whatever reason. Could be humidity, bad music, fatigue, whatever. If it is fatigue that is why Wednesday 25 minutes kinda scares me.

In general I am dealing with some pains. My ankle feels twinged and my hip gives me some serious grief. Once my muscles warm up from a run or even walking both pains go away. So not sure if I need to go to a doctor or take a few days off (which I do not want to do) or just grin and bear it.

Just for the record I am still a fat ass. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Hoyazo actually makes a good point finally. Bloggers should be kissing Full Tilts ass and playing in events if they win 10K. I can understand why JJ could not got. His entire life got fucked up. It is more important to take care of family than play some stupid game. Not sure what other peoples reasons for not going were. I can understand wanting to take the cash and run instead of playing a huge lotto ticket. Except the only reason you got that cash was because AlCantHang convinced people it would be good advertising. Hate to agree with Hoyazo but the arrogant fuck is right.


Blogger Josie said...

You are NOT still a fat ass. Just in case anyone was wondering....you still suck at poker tho. :P

7:46 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Did it hurt you to type "Hoyazo actually makes a good point"

How did your WSOP event go after you lucksacked your way into $2k monthly package?

2:47 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

2k's don't count. I would not expect anyone to spend money on hotel and flight to play a 2K event.. it just is not worth it. 10K comes with accommodation though.

7:31 PM

Blogger jjok said...

FT was to provide me with 3 nights accomodation, with additional nights if I survived.

I would have to pay my way to get there and use my own money as spending money for food, whores, etc.

I was totally willing to do that.

So 10k v 2k, the buyin paid for either way......you just gotta get there and live.

2K counts fucknut.....hahaha.

12:26 AM


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