Saturday, August 21, 2010

Geek Squad Assholes

I went into Geek Squad ready to do battle. I first go to customer service for Best Buy and they tell me I have to go to Geek Squad. So I go over there and there is this faggy looking asshole with a hipster beard. I explain to him that they told my wife they were doing a hard drive transfer and all they copied were a few files. He said that "All they copy is the data" so just copying the nearly empty user directory was what they were supposed to do. He said he could do nothing so I asked to talk to his manager.

The manager was just as bad. I told him let's not play semantic games. The implied intention of the transfer was to move all the files, folders, etc.. over from the old hard drive to the new one. Obviously this was what my wife was expecting. He said that this was not the service they offer and they can not copy programs from one hard drive to another. He said he would not help at all and I got what I paid for.

I walked away and told him I was talking to the store manager and I was never coming back to their store again. I told him we had bought four laptops in the past two years from Best Buy and a lot of other things and that I would never come to the store again. I then walked away. I headed towards the door while trying to figure out who to talk to. I looked back and the manager of Geek Squad was smirking. I was going to go back over and punch him in the face but I resisted.

I go to customer service again and after waiting for a while I get to talk to the manager. I explain to him the situation. I also mentioned to him how the Geek Squad people were changing the "estimated costs" of laptop screens to make my wife buy one and then saying much lower numbers when she was going to keep the laptop and was considering shipping the old one off for a screen repair. I also mentioned that I had bought four laptops and other things during the past few years and I would NEVER step into a Best Buy again. I mentioned that the only reasonable solution to this would be a full refund or a full store credit I would use to buy other things like possibly my new Droid X or something else.

He went and talked to the Geek Squad guy and finally came back. He would not admit they were wrong in the service they offered. He basically said my Wife is a moron and she should of expected it was only "Data" that was transfered. I felt like I should explain to this college edumicated fucktard that technically data consists of bits on the hard drive so programs actually are DATA. Fuckwad. I just nodded and agreed. He said that he would give me an in store credit for the entire cost of the service and that is what I left with.

I still think Geek Squad are fucking morons. I am happy with the resolution even though I had to jump through hoops to get satisfaction. In the end I am relatively happy with the end result.

In other news I went shopping and got a body fat / Hydration / Weight scale. I did my first weighing and it came out 177 pounds, 27% fat, and 60% hydration. According to the different sites 27% fat is overweight but not too bad. I also have some nice definition filling in on my arms and chest.

I hate to say this too but I like Target. Philosophically I hate them.. but they are so damn convenient.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

The Geek squad is just another way of making money (like talking you into a maintenance thing on a brand new item). So saying that, I think you did pretty well to get what you did out of them!

I still would have loved to be there to see it all.

6:56 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Gawd, don't even get me going about Best Buy.

Just one story: Made an impulse electronics buy, which I rarely make. I usually research to death. Anyway, in the earlier days of digital cameras, I bought one on impulse then decided 10 minutes later, while still in the store, to return it. The box was unopened, and even the bag was stapled shut and unopened. I went to customer service, where they told me that I was going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I made them get a freaking manager who reluctantly said they would do it "this one time."

I sometimes take my kids there to buy electronic games, but otherwise can't even stand to be in the place.

8:35 PM

Blogger MHG said...

I'm getting a Droid X too, hopefully arriving Monday. It will be my first "fancy phone" with internet, and I can't wait to catch back up with the tech industry after a five or ten year hiatus.

Let me know if you do end up getting a Droid X so we can help each other out with apps and the happs.

9:29 PM

Blogger Astin said...

Rule #1 with Best Buy and their ilk - NEVER take any added service. No extended warranties, no Geek Squad services, tune-ups, etc.. The store is good for one thing - using their best price policy to get stuff cheaper.

8:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your wife probably is a moron and you obviously didn't research what the service entailed, so it sounds like you are just a tremendous asshole.

5:44 PM


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