Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poker Finally

I finally got time for some SNG play this week. I got in like five games. Played like shit going out 9th in the first two. AJ vs QQ on J22 flop. oopsie. Made some bad calls to get short in the second one. Made a nice comeback and yet lost. The next two I played slightly better and managed to cash a second place spot. So down a few bucks for the night.

Jogging keeps on going. Ran in the rain last night. I always like the cooler, rainy runs. Did two 11 minute miles then the last 6 minutes I did almost half a mile. I kicked up my pace at the end trying to squeeze out those last few yards for the half but it was not to be. Still pretty decent run. Nice to know I have another notch I can kick it up to also.

Hip is still sore. I think I need to do some more core exercises like situps or squats or something. I always thought I had a nice ass but I must need to firm it up some more to support the hip. I dunno. It honestly is not that bad. It just gets stiff when I sit around and then I have to walk it off.

Not much new going on right now.


Blogger Schaubs said...

get any sex lately?

all this running and working out surely should grab you a lady or two?

you should be able to put that into another gear now too...

keep at it dude.

2:05 PM


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