Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anatomy of a Run

In order to dissect a run I would have to know what the fuck I am doing. I hope I do not give that impression because I have no clue. Today my body was rocking. I was sleep deprived from the night before. Between taking 3rd in Omatard and railing Josie deep into a big MTT I did not get to be until late. I did my pushups and situps in the morning. I fucking nailed the pushups. I really felt strong doing them.

My mother came by and I fixed a few things on her computer. She wanted to know how to setup her printer. I asked if she brought it with her. No. What brand is it? Um, Printer Brand! No who makes it. HP! Ok. What model is it. 08374B. Um, that's not a model. What kind of connector does it have in the back? Um, I dunno, it has a lot of wires does that help? *facepalm*.

We got the kids new phones at the mall. By that time I was fucking dying tired and wanted to take a nap. However it was not to be because my mother left my nephews seizure medicine in our fridge. I had to drive it back up to their house. On the good side I was able to setup her printer.

I got my run in before I headed out. I nailed it this time. I really felt like I had a ton of energy. I kicked it up a notch at 2.5 miles and nailed the end of my run. I decided to throw in an extra lap so I could say "Hey, I have run a 5K". First time I actually did the 3.1 miles even though I am sure I could have before. I felt so good through the entire run. Only exception is my lungs or chest had some soreness or pain. Not sure if it was my pulse being a little high or possibly the cold air? Since it has started getting colder my chest does feel a little sore during every run.. not sure what that is about.

Hip is still hurting too. Not during the run though. I had a few twinges in the legs and hip but no real soreness or pain. I tried a different method of stretching. Normally I do like 3-5 short duration stretches. Not bouncing but like holding for 5 seconds the resetting. Tonight I tried just holding the stretch for 30 seconds. Not sure if it helped or not but I did feel really good. See above how I have no clue what the fuck I am doing.

One bad side effect of getting into great shape is I can not stop touching my boobs. I mean they are fucking cool. Went from like man tits to these things with like um, I think they are muscles! They feel so slick. I may be a little bit too self absorbed. Hit the scale at 174.5 today too. Lowest reading yet!


Blogger Josie said...

Thanks for railing me, um and thanks even more for the visual!

7:55 AM

Blogger Amaro Rascon said...

Being a printer is a select craft

3:05 AM


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