Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Day Another Run

Meh. Went to the track. The stupid football players were there. So I went home and nearing darkness went running in the woods with no flashlight. It was still light out but a little creepy. Fricken dogs everywhere! I did a 20 minute loop in the woods then came out on the road near my house, ran past the house and down a huge hill. Spun around and ended up right before the big hill. I was not going to run up the hill. Finished at about 28 minutes.

I find running in the woods to be more challenging so I think I got a good workout. I was supposed to run 2.5 miles. God knows how far I went. Probably around that amount of distance. Tomorrow is my 1.5 mile speed run.

I find that since I started running I am always achy. I got like chronic hip pain and my right lower leg is achy. Nothing hurts all the time or even too bad.. it's just nagging stuff. The veins in my left leg are kinda freaky too. Of course Ick has to come by and be all like "Yeah could be a blood clot, ur gonna die". Fucker. Fucking Cardiologists can suck my ballsack.

I shall be hitting the tables again tonight. Not sure exactly what I am going to play. Perhaps LJ will give me some lessons. She has been on the run of a lifetime. Good job girl! Fuck Ya I am jealous! Happy for ya too!!!


Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Buy a headlamp at REI. Petzl. You can probably get it at a sports authority or something like that as well. Those are places where athletic, fit people go, so try not to quiver as you walk through the doors. You are starting to belong.

8:57 AM


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