Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Figure

At times people ask me marriage advice. Sort of like "Waffles, how do I not fuck it up as bad as you did?". Now I am not pro-marriage. I think it is a construct that causes WAY too many problems. However if I would give a piece of advice I think I would say this: Leave Time To Be You.

It is so important to not lose yourself in the relationship and the children and the hectic busy schedule. We have some good examples of this with the bloggers. Peaker still manages to get out to the mountains. HighOnPoker gets his poker fix. Chacko got his Ferrari. All seem to be really happy people in good loving relationships.

In that vein I have been trying to recapture some of myself. Instead of just being a dumpy, depressed, motherfucker. The exercise has been helping a ton. A million kisses for HellaHoldem for getting me running. Seriously has improved my life a ton.

Fuck PokerPeaker though. First he like links these articles about some bitch who fucked her hips up. I am already a hypochondriac. My lower leg hurt so I have a stress fracture or compartmental syndrome. Now I read his link and think I have a stress fracture or frayed tendon on my hip.

He chides me for not running in the street when the football players are having their game. So last night I did a street run. I had no idea where I was going. I am like "Hey that way looks cool".. I see the name of the street as I am running.. Cedar Hill Road. HILL. HILL. HILL. FML! How do I always manage to choose the hardest route? I mean seriously. I chugged up this huge hill feet barely churning at the top and almost died. I kept running though. It was just a fifteen minute run. So. Tired. Fucking hate hills. The hills are fucking assholes. I want to punch one. Ug. All PokerPeakers fault!!!

Anyhow my key interest is probably computers. It has been a LONG while since I have had a kickass rig. I am going to be responsible and get the parts over the next couple months then I am going to build my first PC ever. I have done things with memory and drives and parts but never put together a whole fucking rig.

I am going to build the following:

High end gaming - Will rip through games now and for the foreseeable future - £1000+
CPU - i7 930 - £220.85
Mobo - Asus P6TD Deluxe X58 Socket 1366 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard - £216.33
RAM - Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9(9-9-9-24) 1.65V - £111.64
GPU - GTX 460 1GB x2 in SLI - £352.48 OR
ATI 5850 x2 in crossfire - £423.84
PSU - OCZ GameXStream 850W PSU - Silent 120mm Blue LED Fan 4x PCI-E 6x SATA - £84.99 (some will say that's overkill but if you want to overclock or add a second or third card you will be glad of the headroom)
Case - Antec P183 Case - GunMetal Grey Super Mid Tower - No PSU - £111.65
HDD - Samsung F3 1TB - £43.79
Optical drive - LG CH08LS10 8x BD-ROM with DVD±RW & LightScribe SATA Blu-Ray Drive - OEM Black - £48.99

Sub total - £1190.72 - £1262.08 depending on GPU choice
Still needs operating system, windows 7 64bit is a must in my opinion

Price is going to vary. I also may wait to buy some parts till the end because new stuff is coming out and the prices should fall. I may adjust some parts too. I am going to get back to programming for fun and playing all kinds of video games. I will also get the kid interested in being a bit more nerdy. Although I think that the hacker gene has gone to the daughter. She has already broken into my wife's iPhone and just takes to this shit like a fish to water.

The other bigish change I am going to start is... grazing. I read that it is more healthy to graze instead of eating huge carbo and meat loaded meals. Lunch around Boston is kinda hard. I usually end up with huge slab of meat, potatoes, bread, and some juice. Instead I am going to graze. Now cows are fucking fat. So I am not sure this whole graze thing is gonna work. Have you ever smelled a cows ass too? I mean Jesus fucking stinking Christ! I am going to give it a wack. Need to do more research but I think I will have things like peanuts, and raisins, and I dunno Beef Jerky? Who the fuck knows. I will keep this shit in my desk and eat when I feel the urge. I will bring fruit and a wrap with like a couple pieces of meat and cheese for lunchtime. See how it works out.

Nothing else going on. I got some other plans to implement after these first few. Some money making items. Some fun. Just keeping the good time rolling. Peace.


Blogger Heffmike said...

WTF is a £ pound dude? This stuff that much cheaper across the ocean?

5:40 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. No. I get builds from people who know how to do them like I then have to convert to Americana.

5:52 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

The biggest problem I have with "build your own" is the noise.

Commercial pre-built machine producers know that people hate hearing loud components in their desktops, so they build in all kinds of variable fan controls and sound baffles and stuff like that to keep things quiet.

The build it yourself stuff tends to be naked fans that run at full speed and sound like an airplane about to take off. It is all about max cooling and not about keeping things quiet.

The last machine I built myself was as loud as a train going by. The pre-built ones I'm using now are whisper quiet.

6:31 PM

Blogger The Poker Meister said...

Can I suggest a Blu Ray writer instead? There's a great deal from NewEgg currently, and this'll be easy to add once you get your rig.

7:31 PM

Blogger DrChako said...

"Me-time" is the key. The Ferrari is just gravy.


10:39 PM

Blogger Ingoal said...

Nice setup, although I can only recommend this one more time: use an ssd for the os, programs and stuff...add a second hard disk for extended storage...computing will never be the same once you've enjoyed an ssd (even if it's "only" a value series model) me...I just upgraded my main pc with one after the mind-boggling results in my laptop (laptop: Intel 40GB value series, PC now 64GB OCZ, both running Windows 7 (Laptop 32bit, PC 64bit)...

6:41 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

Far be it from me to "geek-speak" so, blah~blah~blah OH CRAP! Waffles needs Pistachios!

They're fatty, salty and more importantly, filling. They also tend to add a certain high, known as energy.

Be careful though, they're also a tiny little bit addictive!

I'll shoot you an e-mail, to tell you how proud I am of you for sticking with it. I'd hate for anyone else to know.


3:26 PM


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