Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nice Run

No football players tonight.

I started my new program.

Tues - 2 miles.
Thu - 1.5 miles
Sat - 2.5 miles
Sun - 30 mins (easy run / walk)

Increases the Tues and Sat runs by .5 miles per week until it gets to 3.5 and 4 miles. It then drops down to 3 miles and 4 miles.

I had a NICE two mile run tonight. I felt like I was really cruising. I felt like I had something extra to give at the end and I turned it up and booked. I of course did not take my watch so no idea of my final time. I am going to take the watch from now on to see if my time increases.

The Sunday easy rest runs I am going to do as trail runs for sure. I might do like 5 minutes on then one minute rest up to the 30 minutes because I am supposed to be semi-resting on the Sunday runs. Should be fun.


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