Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have decided to join the MoVember activities and shave my beard and grow a porn stash. I already have hired an assistant to follow me around singing "boom chickaaa wahhh wahh" all day long.

Ran another three miles last night. In the dark. It was pretty nice out. Got winded after like a mile then caught my second wind around two miles but my muscles are still exhausted by then. So still not up to my old shape. Still down at 172 as a weight. Mostly lost a little muscle. Going to start up the pushups again. Very hard to get motivated to do those unlike the running.

Not much else going on. Here is a typical wifeism. I come home the other night and she asks me to go to Walgreens. I had just gotten back from going to the Grocery store after work. I needed to get my run in. It was already dark. So I said that I needed to run. Her argument was "Oh I see you get to run but I can not go to the track". Later I asked her if she REALLY would have gone to the track alone in the pitch dark. She said she would not have. So what the fuck? Why do you give me grief if your not even planning to go? Fucking moron.

To be fair and show the mean side of Waffles... instead of having the nice conversation I just said "You are fat. I am in shape. So you do not need to walk as much as I need to run". Soooo... alright I am mean sometimes. I kinda regret when I say shit like that. I have a lot of anger inside. Peace.


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