Sunday, October 10, 2010


I swear I am cursed among men. I got going early Saturday to implement my plans. I get to the post office. Get my PO box. Head off to the bank. I get there and it turns out that someone has an account at the bank I chose with my SSN number! I mean what the fuck? What are the goddamn odds of that? Nobody every fucking believes that goddamn odds do not apply to me. Whatever the fuck can go wrong does. I head home to get the SSN card and I fucking starting a wracking, shaking, fevered attack. So here I am dying under my covers starving to death and downing multiple bottles of Gatorade without needing to pee hoping to hell I do not die of dehydration. FML.


Blogger DrChako said...

A fever with a long shaking chill is a sign of pneumonia. Get an x-ray.


1:48 PM

Blogger Luke said...

Before you get an xray get a clue and go some place where people truly run bad (maybe a third world country) and find out you really have run stupendously good from the time you were born.

1:17 AM


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