Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am fucking annoyed. I think I am still sick. Not positive. I just feel really run down. Part of it is because I stopped running while I was sick. I tried to run again this Saturday. Holy fucking shit! I barely did a mile. The left side of my chest got this point of pain.. like someone was trying to drill a fucking hole in it. I just could not run through it. Not sure if this means I am sick still and have fucking walking Pneumonia or something... or if it is because my lungs have fucking collapsed during my week plus of no exercise and I have to build up again. I tend to think something is wrong with me because I hope to hell a week off does not kill you that bad. I dunno. Fucking pissing me off.

Stupid wife found out I was setting up a new bank account. I think she is scared. Perhaps she should be. I explained that I wanted to get some separation between our lives. She was curious about if like I was going to pay for her dry cleaning and shit like that... or stick her with everything... I really can not say. I mean while I live in the house and support the kids and her it would not be fair to stick her with everything I do not feel like paying... On the other hand though I do need separation and a lot more control........ so anyways.. I really did not want to tell her yet because I have not thought out all the ramifications but whatever. So now I have my own account and PO box...... now I need some bills. Wheee.

My life is way too complicated. At least I can write these posts while I sit in work though. Wheeee.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

How did she find out? Does she look through your stuff?

5:39 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

No. She does not. One of my kids noticed the book and asked about it in front of her. Doh!

I am getting a small safe for my stuff anyways. Not that I do not trust the woman but still..

7:50 AM


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