Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick and Sick

Not feeling well today. Been on the extremely depressed side lately. Just thought I would share all the moronic posts I have read today though.

First off we have Hoyazo siding with that dickhead Finnegan. Obviously it is not surprising that one dickhead sides with another. Those dickheads are like that. Always want to swordfight. Seriously though Finnegan was the provocation for the entire fight. Andre put up with his shit for the entire day and then finally got one jab in the face too many and decided to do something about it. Fuck Finnegan. His pussy ass got whipped. He deserved it. The NFL rules on fighting declare the fee structure. So STFU Hoyao.

Next we have that bald fuck Bayne. He is a proponent of letting a team with a better record into the playoffs just because the West sucks so bad. Too fucking bad bald motherfucker. You can not have it both ways. I have seen some great 11-5 Patriots teams not make the playoffs and was I whining and saying they should change the rules? No fucking way. Either you have a section based playoffs where the best in the group get in or you flatten it all out. You can not just decide over half way through the season that because one team sucks so bad they should be denied entry. I mean cmon. What kinda stupid fuck idea is that?

Last but not least we have the Craaakkkerr. First rant against the guy. I doubt he reads this blog but we can try. First off I get his point. Everyone is basically calling Michael Vick this major hero and he should get awards and everything. Comeback player of the year. I am not totally against this line of thinking. However I think the guy has paid his due to society and we should forgive him. Give him some hero worship for his great play lately. Forgiving someone really does mean forgetting what they did in the past. I mean how ridiculous would it be for me to say "I forgive you for this.." and then every time I see you mention how badly you fucked that thing up. I may be naive but I believe that he has changed. He figured out that what he was doing was evil. So I forgive and forget and think he is having a pretty incredible year. Hope that he makes it into the playoffs. Oh yeah and I guess I better call Crakker a fucktard or else it is not a rant.

Peace out.


Blogger Bayne_S said...

Gruden's main point last night is we should never allow a team with a losing record in playoffs.

This year it is looking like 7-9 would win NFC West and there are currently 7 NFC teams with 7 wins.

The division leaders have some tough non-division games so even 6-10 is possible.

It would be terrible to let a 10 loss team into playoffs.

But 6-10 to you is break even so I guess I understand your thinking.

11:17 AM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

"I have seen some great 11-5 Patriots teams not make the playoffs"

You've seen SOME 11-5 Patriot teams not make the playoffs? As in plural? I'll give you the 2008 team and you name the others.

I'm back so you can't spew anymore non-sense without backing that shit up. \m/

11:49 AM


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