Friday, December 17, 2010

Vegas Day Four: Wait I only Stayed Like Two Days

Ok. Post titles stupid. I meant post four but now my obsessive compulsive personality will not let me stop. Dr. Pauly said I look like a narc! WTF! Do I really look like a fricken narc?!?! Funny enough I was always told I looked like I was on drugs going through high school even though I barely ever took any.

Anyhow back to the story. I survived attempts at rape and it was now Sunday. I really like Sundays in Vegas. It is a time to hang out with friends and watch Football. Two awesome activities in my opinion. I have to say AlCantHang and FullTilt poker came through bigtime on this. Al forwent passing out in an elevator and getting rolled by a hooker to show up fairly early and manage the awesome room we booked at the Lagrasse Sportsbook at the Palazzo. We got a ton of free food. Even though they did not start serving until like 10AM it was well worth it.

I did my usual bets but I listened to my sensei MiamiDon and booked my fool bets with my one sure fire. The first bet I did was a 10 team parlay. Put down 1 unit to make $7300. See us pro's call our bets units instead of dollars. It hurts less that way. I always love this kind of bet because I am a sucker. However I remember some of my best times at the sports book involved big parlays. My very first time I went 11 for 12. The game I lost on was the late game of the day. In overtime. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU VINCE YOUNG! Ever since then I have been hooked.

The next bet I did was a 4-team parlay. I put down 1 unit on that to also. Finally I put 2 units down on the Patriots to win.

I was kind of peeved at the sports book because they made me go through the line like 5 times. The first time my ticket was bad because I had the Patriot under which was too good so they canceled it. The second time it was because some retard QB was not sure if he was going to play. So they canceled that one too. Eventually I made it through though.

I had some decent conversations with people. I remember heckling Lightning as often as I could about his poor Chicago team. Sat down and chatted with Josie a little. Finally met HellaHoldem. Talked to a ton of other people too. Just stuffing my face and enjoying the games.

Both of my parlays died painfully. The big one was alive in the fourth quarter of the first set of games. It could not pull through though. My smaller parlay made it through the first set of games but then my bet on the Jets killed it. I was alive through most of the game until deep into the fourth when the Jets kicked a field goal. I thought the Jets had some pride and something to play for. I guess I was wrong. Stupid Jets!

I did predict that the Patriots would score 30+ points in the snow and ice and winds. The game they play is not destroyed by those weather conditions because it is mostly short passing and runs. I was amazed at the beating we gave Chicago. I also was amused with CJ betting "Bears No First Down" every play. It was funny as hell. He made a killing on that.

I broke even with my bets because the Patriots pulled my ass out of the fire. After the second set of games was over we closed down the suite and headed over to the IP sports bar. I was a little tired there. It was smokey and way too hot. I had a good time though. Much amusement was had when Xklmxblahblah wanted to hedge his winning parlay ticket. So he put a counter bet on Dallas. Except he did not realize that the bet left a sweet spot where 4-points would cause him to lose both bets. Much hilarity was had as the 4-points was live most of the game.

Ck, Paulie, Derek, STB, Iggy, and many others were there. It was cool to hang out with StB for a bit. I had never really spent much time with him. One day he will learn - NO EYE CONTACT. The New York contingent was there for a bit with Ftrain and Stephanie among others. They took off early for some dinner and what not though.

I had a really good time sweating the Eagles game. I told CK I put money on them to get her eternal hatred. Once she found out it was only on a 10 team parlay I got just eternal disdain. I headed off to the Airport after the game and took the Red Eye back to Boston. Jumped on a bus and headed into work for the day. Another successful trip under my belt. I will wrap up the trip posts tomorrow. Until then peace.


Blogger Schaubs said...

Atta boy Waffles, great posts!

5:44 PM

Blogger CJ said...

No lie... I turned 11 bucks into 107 betting Bears No First Down. Saved my day at the sports book!

6:08 PM


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